Celebrating the Church, hymn for a Church Anniversary — George Stuart, Australia

Tune: Hyfrydol

For the lyrics, music and a power point, click here

As we come in celebration,
We now contemplate our past
We delight in former friendships
And the love that holds us fast;
All our past is now accepted;
Through its troubles we have grown;
Now the future beckons to us,
Knowing we are not alone.

We give honour to past visions
Fostering community;
For all feelings of belonging
Energizing harmony;
We acknowledge past commitments,
Past successes, past mistakes;
Jesus never promised to us
Life without its pains and aches.

As this annivers’ry passes
We commit to ministry;
Look to Jesus for direction;
Forge a thrilling destiny;
We have journeyed on together
With abundant, godly care;
We now look toward the future
Knowing God will meet us there.

Thanks to George’s generosity, all of the lyrics published on his website are free of any copyright restrictions and limitations and thus are all available for your use.

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