Hymn, Growing Tensions (Matthew 16.21-28) — George Stuart, Australia

Pentecost 12, Year A
Tune= Regent Square RS 319)
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Jesus faced the growing tension;
Fierce hostility was grim;
Yet he wished to preach his gospel
In streets of Jerusalem;
He knew that his strong opponents
Planned his death to silence him.


Peter said, “This must not happen”
Said that this should not be so;
Jesus, angered by his outburst
Cried out, “Satan! You must go!
These are foolish words from humans;
Not from God. You are my foe!”
“If you would be my disciple
Bear your cross; come follow me.
If you gain the world but forfeit
Your true self, your dignity,
You cannot regain your honour,
Or your own integrity.”
When we live a life of loving
It will mirror Jesus’ way;
We will find a life worth living
When we give our life away;
We will then find true fulfilment
Blessings each and every day.