I forget to breathe, a confession — Ana Gobledale, UK

by Thomas Traherne, 1660, UK

My confession

Spirit, remember me.
Sometimes I forget to breathe, to pause.
I race through the day.
I forget to stop long enough to take a deep breath.
I could blame the computer.
I could blame pressures of work
The importance of life’s tasks
The necessity of chores.

I know the wisdom of pausing.
I know to stop.
But I push on.
And I forget to breathe, to pause.
I know the signs,
But I persevere thinking it a virtue.

Spirit, remember me.
Make me teachable.
Learning to breathe. Learning to pause.
The day is full of opportunities for a deep breathe.
Breathe in. Breathe out.
Spirit, I remember you.