Photo by Warren Lynn, USA

A picture says a thousand words. 

Thanks to all the photographers and artists for sharing your work.

All photos posted on the Worship Words website may be used for worship and devotional purposes. Please acknowledge the photographer/artist.

Images are listed by theme, season and by photographer (scroll down).

Photographs arranged by themes throughout the Church Year

Photographs arranged by the Seasons of the Calendar Year

Photographerslisted alphabetically by surname – Click on the name to view the photos and artwork.

Warren has offered his many magnificent photos for free use ‘in Worship Words, or any other ministry endeavour.’ They are available on Warren Lynn’s Flickr page .  Have a look.

‘Colour has become a way of life for me. Now I find praying in colour as easy as praying in words.’

David creates visual prayers using, what he calls, ‘ColourWeaving’.



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