In tenderness enfold us, communion hymn — Sam Goodman, UK

The prayer
Tune:  Crüger, Hail to the Lord’s anointed

In tenderness enfold us, engage with us in prayer
And as you gently hold us, remind us that you’re there
Send light into our darkness
Breathe love into our lives
Send blessings down upon us
Let hope and mercy thrive

Be in the prayer we offer, shine in the love we share
Give comfort when we suffer, relationships repair
Guide us to where you need us
To where your word is heard
With bread that lasts, please feed us
So we in turn can serve

Give us the hearts that long to wrap those we meet in care
Fill us with courage, strong too, yet gentle in our prayer
May all we do be worthy
To be done in your name
May your desire burn in us
As we pass on your flame

Come fill us as you feed us to share you everywhere
A body of believers refreshed and moved by prayer
With hearts that show compassion
With hands that do you will
With trust and with your passion
Your calling to fulfil

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