In the silence, a reflection for Holy Saturday

Begin with a moment of silence and listen, for God is still speaking!

In the silence, O God, I long to hear your words.

In the breaking of dawn’s early light, I long to experience your presence.

May the voice I hear this day be your voice, speaking a word of hope and healing into this curtain torn world.

In the activities of this day,

I pray that I will not confuse marshmallow bunnies and plastic candy-filled eggs with your extreme makeover of the world.

I pray on this Holy Saturday – with the rock still in place and stench of a sin covered cross still filling my senses –

that I won’t be too quick to jump over this day of Holy waiting.

I pray as I worry about the timely opening of lilies and tulips

and little kids who might splash water of out the baptistery onto the new sanctuary carpet,

that I have left room in this day for the holy reordering and for your work of transforming that which is dead into that which is full of life.

I pray as my stomach remains full from feasting at your holy table

and my arm is still sore from waving my palm branch

that I can find time to sit and wait and dwell with you.

For I know, Amazing Giver of Love and Life, that on this Holy Saturday,

while the world turns its attention elsewhere,

you are as busy as ever with the work of redemption.

And so help me to wait and listen and learn,

knowing that you, O God, are still speaking a word of hope and wholeness in this broken and fragmented world.



This devotion was made possible by giving to the Disciples Mission Fund and the Easter Offering, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) USA