Independence from what? for what? a confession — Ana Gobledale

Independence Day
for Jamacia
for Ghana
for the United States of America

breaking away from oppression

forgive us for the ways we keep others back

down, under, behind, invisible

breaking away from tyranny

forgive us for the ways we claim privilege, power, prestige

forgive us when we walk through an open gate and close it behind us to keep others out

breaking away from economic dominance

forgive us for our delight in lower prices and cheaper labour

forgive our fear of not having enough

forgive our drive to gather in ever more for ourselves and our families

breaking away from restricting world views

forgive our blinders

forgive our divisive claims to truth

breaking away from systems of injustice

forgive us for the systems we have created in our freedom

that put others in chains

Revive in us the vision of your kin-dom

where the powerful who beat their chests will calm

and the meek who cower will claim courage

where the ordinary and unseen will connect with respect and voice

In our independence from the chains of old

move us to inter-dependence

to relationship

to trust

connect us with chains of daisies

linked in peace

celebrating the beauty of creation

free in our connections

Independence Day

our hope

your promise



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