Mark 12, Jesus sat by the temple door, hymn — George Stuart, Australia

Pentecost 24, Year B
Mark 12:38-44, particularly verse 41-44
Tune: Ombersley
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Jesus sat by the temple door
Watched people’s giving – when he saw
Some gave great sums but one gave more;
Who gave the most – the rich or poor?

We can confirm we really care
And follow Jesus if we dare;
This will be costly if we share
More of our wealth than what is spare.

Sometimes what Jesus taught may seem
Far too demanding, too extreme;
For him self-giving was supreme
In manifesting God’s regime.

When we show generosity
It may surprise us when we see
That giving sacrificially
Is how to live abundantly.

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Lyrics may be used freely, as George Stuart has graciously granted access to all his hymns without copyright infringement. Explore George’s website for progressive and thoughtful lyrics relevant to a variety of rituals all set to familiar tunes.  Three additional volumes provide hymns written for the lectionary texts of Church Years A, B and C.  Lyrics and piano music are easily downloaded as pdfs.

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