Just as You Are, A Progressive Christian Welcome — Jim Burklo, USA

We follow the way of Jesus.

He opens our hearts

To know that our true selves are one with God, who is Love.

Jesus saves us from fear, from selfishness, from meaninglessness.

He leads us to serve with compassion and act for justice.

He moves us to curiosity and creativity.

He brings us together in the community of the church,

Where we grow in Divine Love,

Build with others a more heavenly world,

And worship God with humble joy.

We listen for Holy Spirit whispers:

We wait for her to stir our souls

In silent contemplation.

We treasure the living, progressing Christian tradition.

We creatively employ the sacred myths of the Bible

To express our spiritual experience

Beyond the bounds of creeds or beliefs.

We interpret anew our ancient practices of prayer and worship.

We embrace what is good in our religion, and in others,

And release what stands in the way of the law of Love.

We follow the way of Jesus,

And we invite you to walk with us,

Just as you are.

Visit Jim’s website at MINDFULCHRISTIANITY.ORG   and his blog at  MUSINGS