Just Language — Kaye Ashe, USA

“Just language– language that reflects our changing consciousness about God, the universe, class, gender relations, race, disabilities and
violence– is essential if we are to overcome the injustices and hatred that obstruct the peace, equality and harmony we long for.”

–Kaye Ashe, O.P., Eighth Day Center, Chicago USA

The Eighth Day Center in Chicago publishes the book, Creating Just Language to be used as a consciousness raising tool. This helpful handbook makes suggestions ‘for alternatives to the dominating and often exclusionary language used in both church and society today. It offers helpful examples and exercises for its readers to continue the effort in creating just language.’ Topics include: sexist, militaristic, racist, homophobic and exclusionary language.

Eighth Day Centre members promote the ‘language and thought of a ‘new’ cosmology that reclaims and promotes the interdependence and interconnectedness of all life.’

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