Lectionary-based progressive liturgies — Rex A E Hunt

Hunt’s impressive web site contains lectionary-based ‘sermons, liturgies, prayers, and articles from a progressive/post-liberal theological perspective.’ Rex Hunt shares numerous resources from a life-long career as a progressive minister in the Uniting Church in Australia.  The site is easy to use and will prove a valuable resource to any progressive worship planner. Click here to explore Rex Hunt’s site.

While my liturgies are fairly traditional in shape, I try to be careful about language, images suggested, and the flow or plot of the liturgy. It's style is a blending of traditional and contemporary. I call it 'contemporary liturgical'. It seeks to use contemporary language and Australian images in an inclusive way through metaphor and story. ...In short: the weaving of story (what we tell) and ritual (what we enact) are ways we make sense of our world. Liturgy is not about the past, but life in the present. Thus worship is about celebrating life in the continuing, creative presentness of the sacred we call God.

Rex A E Hunt