Lengthening Love, Lenten Prayer — David Long-Higgins, USA

O Holy One,
Lengthen Your love
In these Lenten days
Increasing Your Light
In every evolution
Of the human heart
In its daily discovery
Of a gravitational pull
To You who centres
Everything and everyone
Even as You radiate
Into spaces cosmic
And otherwise unknown
Except by You.

Let it illumine
Every hidden corner
Longingly awaiting
All Your light reveals
Drawing forth life
From the depths
Where death dares
To reign in refusal
Of your gracious gift.

Yes, draw out every devil’s
Dare to littleness of spirit
Claiming never enough
As the daily mantra
Holding the world hostage
To fear and fragmentation.
Drench everything instead
With Your lavish love
Penetrating every resistance
And piercing every heart
Grown hard with bitterness
Or worry or fear.

Yes, throw Your light
Again with abandon
Casting a new creation
Formed by the fire
And mold of love
You unleash in Christ’s
Continual coming.

For now,
Let this Lent continue
Until Your lengthening light
Appears again in promised
Fullness for everyone,
everywhere in time
And beyond time.

Photo: From the ceiling of the Amistad Chapel, Cleveland, Ohio – by David Long-Higgins

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