Psalm 23, Loving Shepherd — Lynne Roberts, Australia

Originally written for the fourth Sunday of Lent, Year A, but usable any Sunday focusing on Psalm 23.

Prayer ready-to-print

Gracious God,
loving shepherd,
friend and constant companion
we thank you for the stillness of your presence that restores our souls.
We acknowledge your comfort and guidance in the hard places and tough decisions of life.
We express our gratitude for the respite of green pastures,
for the many abundant and creative ways in which you take care of our needs
and for the generosity which constantly flows from your hands to us, your children.

Open our eyes that we may truly see your glory
Help us to know you as you want to be known and help us to see others as you see them,
for there is no one who goes unnoticed as you journey with us.
Bring to our prayers for others your eyes of wisdom and care.
May we see the world through your eyes.
Carry us into deeper waters of concern.
Show us ways of hearing the cries of the people and move us to justice and compassion.
Show us ways of touching the lives of people in our community
which can take us deeper into relationship and celebration.
We think of those for whom the journey is particularly difficult at this time –
for those who have recently lost loved ones,
for those who struggle with health and other issues.
Shine the light of your comforting presence into each of these situations.

We bring our own needs before you
Invite us to change and grow
in fullness of life and grander faith.

May this year’s journey towards Easter
[if used in other seasons: May the season before us]
be one we enter in Spirit and truth.

Inspired by: 1 Samuel 16:1-13

Psalm 23

Ephesians 5:8-14

John 9:1-41

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