Let me walk in love beside you, hymn — Ray Stanyon, UK

Friends, by Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson

Let me walk in love beside you
All along life’s dusty road
Hearing, knowing every burden
Let me help to share your load

Wounds and pain arise to rob us
Of a love community
Guard me from a self-importance
Seeing you as less than me

Let me rise and risk for justice
Walk a mile within your shoes
Striving for a world that’s far too
Precious in God’s eyes to lose

Whether sitting or if active
May we always do what’s best
God the focus of attention
God our source, our work, our rest

Tune: St Andrews (Edward Henry Thorne, 1834-1916) used for Jesus calls us O’er the tumult

Ray has generously given Worship Words permission to share this on-line and for you to use these lyrics in worship.  Please cite him as the author.

Words © RNC Stanyon 13th November 2019


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