Letting Go and Grabbing Hold — William Stephenson, USA

photo by Ben Ulrich

Words for reflection and sharing when preparing for worship

Too often the best doesn’t happen to us
because we don’t expect it to happen.

Too often we fasten our attention
on the obstacles
and not on the possibilities.

Too often our fear of failure
robs us of the need to risk
for what we could do
with the life we have been given.

We shut the door
to the Intimate One
by our timid trust
and outdated beliefs.

To celebrate the God of our lives
means to throw open to door to our heart
and to stand in awe of the Amazing:

That you
are a child of God
with incredible potential and resources!

That you
are a child of God
with great promise.

When you are ready,
let go of your self pity
and in worship
grab hold of the gifts
God has given you.

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