Love known, hymn — Sam Goodman, UK

Tune:  love unknown (My song is love unknown), composed by John Ireland in 1918

Your love invites me in
To shelter in your peace
To know the hope you bring
To feel how you can release
You set me free
So I can be
The child you see

Your love rebuilds my trust
You dwell within my heart
You find the best in me
You help the healing to start
You know my needs
Encourage me
Your manna feeds
To nourish me

Your love redeems & saves
It rescues me from fear
Your love makes me feel brave
I feel your spirit is here
You dwell within
New life begins
You conquer sin
And comfort me

Your love is all I need
You meet me where I am
You hear my plaintive pleas
You make me part of your plan
All of my days
In every way
I pray I’ll stay
In endless praise

Artwork: Love warms even the coldest day, by Anne Gifford, Boulder, Colorado USA

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