Mary’s letter to Elizabeth — Duncan Wilson, UK

Dear cousin…
You may be surprised to hear that I am also, as they say, ‘expecting’.
Yes, a boy is on his way…
Don’t ask how I know it’s a boy…you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.
Joseph is in two minds, happy with the idea of fatherhood but knows he’s not the ‘real’ father.
He’s had a dream which explains it all… if you can believe it…the neighbours won’t.
We’re both a bit anxious on account of this census in a few months’ time, bureaucracy gone mad which means we shall have to trek all the way down to Bethlehem just as the baby is due.
It’s all of ninety miles and some rough going.
We’ll see if we can tag on to someone going the same way.
In the meantime, I had the urge to come and see you before your baby arrives.
I know Judea is a long way off, but you have been stuck in the house already for five months and you must yearn for some company and we have so much to share.
I’m so young to be starting a family whilst you’ve been waiting all these years…
Will it be alright to come Elizabeth?…
With love, your cousin, Mary

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