Matthew 16.21-28 Hymn, Growing Tensions — George Stuart, Australia

Year A Pentecost 12
Matthew 16:21-28
Tune: Regent Square

For the lyrics, music and a power point, click here.

Growing Tensions

1. Jesus faced the growing tension;
Fierce hostility was grim;
Yet he wished to preach his gospel
In streets of Jerusalem;
He knew that his strong opponents
Planned his death to silence him.

2. Peter said, “This must not happen”
Said that this should not be so;
Jesus, angered by his outburst
Cried out, “Satan! You must go!
These are foolish words from humans;
Not from God. You are my foe!”

3. “If you would be my disciple
Bear your cross; come follow me.
If you gain the world but forfeit
Your true self, your dignity,
You cannot regain your honour,
Or your own integrity.”

4. When we live a life of loving
It will mirror Jesus’ way;
We will find a life worth living
When we give our life away;
We will then find true fulfilment
Blessings each and every day

George has written sing-able hymns with grounded, authentic and original lyrics set to traditional and familiar tunes. He, graciously, has made his work available on line free of cost and copyright restrictions.  Click here to explore his website.

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