Matthew 21, The Two Sons, Hymn — George Stuart, Australia

Year A, Pentecost 16
Reading: Matthew 21:23-32, particularly verses 28-32.
Tune: St Paul

‘Father’ may easily be changed to ‘mother.’  It’s a bit trickier to change the sons into daughters, but replacing ‘son’ with ‘one’, and ‘he’ with ‘she’, it’s possible.

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1. Recorded stories Jesus told
Were told for his own day;
But still their message nurtures those
Who wish to walk his way.

2. “A vineyard owner had some work
He needed to have done;
He had two sons he thought could help;
He went and asked each one.”

3. “The first son said he would not go ,
But then he changed his mind;
The second said he’d go at once,
But later he declined.”

4. All pious words are worse than wrong
If not lived out in deeds;
It is by actions of goodwill
We go where Jesus leads.

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