Maundy Thursday

Matthew 26:17-75, Mark 14:12-72, Luke 22:7-65, John 13:1 – 18:27

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IMG_0464Written in 1986 for a Maundy Thursday evening service at Mfanefile United Congregational Church, Zululand, South Africa, where we (Ana & Tod) lived illegally (in a Black Spot) and ministered at the time.  With no electricity, the church was lit by a few candles.  In the days of apartheid, the world felt very dark.



I meant what I said!  Even if all become deserters, I would not desert Jesus!

Even if I must die, too, I would not deny Jesus!  I meant what I said.


Disciple 1: (stand in pew, call loudly to Peter) Peter, what happened?


Peter: We all see Judas kiss Jesus.  Then… that mob seizes Jesus. A sword appears from nowhere. The High Priest’s slave’s ear is cut off. Then I know there’s gonna be trouble There is shouting and confusion.  I hide in the roots of an old olive tree.  It is all going so wrong!

The mob drags Jesus from the Mount of Olives. I follow, staying back a bit. We cross the Kidron Valley and enter Jerusalem by the east gate.   It is dark, and the city streets are empty. I lag behind. I do not want to be seen or caught. Following their torchlights and noise is easy. I follow them right to the High Priest’s house.

Jesus must have been inside. I can not see him. A fire burns in the court yard. No one guards the gate. I enter. It is cold.  I sit with others warming themselves at the fire.  As I look around I realize those at the fire with me are from that mob that grabbed Jesus, soldiers of the High Priest. My blood runs cold. Still, I stay to hear what is said. I pull my cloak tighter around me.

Then we hear the High Priest scream, like a wail of triumph.  The guards, the men at the fire with me, are called away.   I see them take Jesus.  Then they  beat him.  They hit and spit my beloved Jesus.

It is torture …  just listening.  But what can I do?

I am frightened.  But I stayed.  I stayed.

Now others are gathering around the fire.  A group of serving women gather and start to gossip about Jesus and what happened. One of them looks at me and says, “Hey, you were with that man from Nazareth. You were with Jesus!”  I start to sweat, despite the chill of the night.  They will stone me, too, if they find out I was with him..

In fear I cry out, “No!  I do not know what you are talking about, woman! I do not know him.” Then I hear the courtyard cock crow.

I feel so ashamed.  I move away toward the gate.

But people have heard her accusation. Others are looking at me. She follows me. She points her finger and accuses me, “This man is one of them!” There is such venom in her voice.

“No!  No!”  I cry out, denying her accusation. “I do not know that Galilean!”

Then, I stand outside the gate. I don’t want to leave until I know what will happen to Jesus. A man measures me up and down and says, “Certainly, you are one of them. I can tell by YOUR accent you are a Galilean.”

I curse my accuser and shout, “I swear on my mother’s head I do not know this man!” And with that, I hear the courtyard cock crow, again.

At the passover dinner tonight, I swore to Jesus, swore to him, that even though everyone might desert him, I would not. Never!  Even if I had to die with Jesus, I would not desert him.

I remember too well what Jesus said to me.  Peter, before the cock crows twice, you will deny me three times.  But I am so afraid.  What can I do?  They might stone me, too.

I am so sorry.  I am so very sorry.  I wanted to be brave.  I was so afraid.  Forgive me, Jesus.

[break down and weep]

Note:  This can be emotional for the person in the role of Peter.  I have cried profusely every time I have done this monologue.  The first time, at Mfanefile, I was not prepared with tissue.  Women of the congregation, also crying, shared their handkerchiefs.  We were there, with Peter, together.



Out of the chaos, O God, you spoke and order came.

Out of the nothingness, your hand touched dirt and water and we were formed.

Out of your creative imagination came forth soil and seed, stalk and vine, winged creatures and swarming things.

And out of your love for all that you made, came the Word, flesh and dwelling among; came the Light, brightly shining; came the One who embodied hope and healing and wholeness.

Out of your radical love for that which you have made, we prepare this day to gather at the family table.

We prepare heart and mind and soul to gather where you are our host. We come on this day of Holy remembrance to break the bread and to share the cup.

We come out of the chaos and brokenness that we have made out of that which you ordered.

Tonight we come confessing our neglect of that which you have made; our “dis-ordering” of your wholeness; our inhospitality of those who are our brothers and sisters, people made as much in your image as we.

And you welcome us.

You welcome us to a table where love is made known….

You welcome us to eat and drink.

You welcome us to eat from the grain of your fields and the fruit of your vines.

You welcome us – disordered and disoriented and disconnected – broken and bitter –


And so our prayer this day, as we prepare to eat, drink and remember, is that we in turn might find the courage and the strength and the passion-filled desire to in turn welcome someone; to in turn extend a glimpse of your radical hospitality, starting with just one person in order that by your grace and through the nourishment of your table, we might begin reordering the brokenness, reigniting the extinguished lights, and bringing a measure of wholeness to a broken and fragmented world.

In our chaos O God, we pray this day that we will listen and hear you speak.

Anonymous. This devotion was made possible by giving to the Disciples Mission Fund and the Easter Offering, Communication Ministries, PO Box 1986, Indianapolis IN 46204 USA


Mafa Art


Invite worshippers to name situations and places of concern either silently to themselves, or aloud.




Footwashing God,
We have named those names on our hearts
We have spoken those situations out loud
And we look forward
To the time when all will know the shelter
Of your coming Kin-dom.
As you have washed our feet
May we wash the feet of those
Who stand in need of your love,
Your peace,
Your healing,
Until your shalom is known
On earth
As it is in heaven,