May I…., a meditation — Daphne Armstrong, USA

This might be used as a corporate prayer, substituting ‘we’ for I’.

It might also be used at a service of affirmation — an induction, ordination, baptism, re-commitment or confirmation, substituting ‘you’ for ‘I’.

May I….

Hands at third eye centre:

  • May I see things as they really are, and not as how I want them to be
  • May I accept the reality of this moment, with the understanding of anicca* (impermanence – ‘this will also change’)

Hands on ears: 

  • May I truly listen
  • May I hear things as they really are, not as how I want them to be

Hands on lips:

  • May I speak from my heart
  • May my words be honest and kind
  • May I use my voice with confidence
  • May I say things as they really are and now as how I want them to be

Hands on heart:

  • May my heart be open
  • May my heart be calm
  • May I love freely and deeply without attachment

Hands together:

  • May my actions be generous, fair, and kind to Earth and to ALL inhabitants
  • May my actions plant seeds of positivity
  • When I have to make trade-offs, may my actions serve the greater good

Hands on knees:

  • May my body be strong, healthy, and nourished
  • May I enjoy my physical body while I have her/him/them
  • May my body serve as a channel for source (or whatever term you prefer)
  • May I be a light


Hands on womb/lower stomach area:

  • May I listen to my intuition
  • May I understand and respect the power of creation that lies within me

Hands on sacrum (base of spine):

  • May I remain grounded with clarity
  • May I bend and sway with the wind, knowing that my roots are firmly planted

*Anicca – in Buddhism: the cycle of birth, growth, decay, and death through which every living thing must pass (Collins Dictionary); the doctrine of impermanence (Britannica)

Image:  Hands from Gudea, Mesopotamia 3000 BC, British Museum, London UK

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