Mother God, a prayer — David Long-Higgins, USA

Photo by David Long-Higgins

Mothering God,
Love me anew into life
Bearing the birth
Of a new beginning
I cannot yet see
Nor fully understand
Yet know I need.

Press into me a pulse
Enlivening every deadness
Shedding every fear
Bearing necessary pain
For new beginnings
Required for this life
You renew to rise.

Grant me grace
O Mothering God
To be born again
And again and again
Into your newness
Offered as a gift
Above all forms known
Revealing mysteries
Hinted by night’s turn
Toward light of day.

Yes, Mothering God,
Bear this of You
Into the life of me
And the waiting world
Forming your resurrection
Surprise at every turn
Revealing Your promised joy
Against all odds formed
By the world’s calculus
Of chaos and crisis.

Grant me grace
To entrust everything
Past, present and future
Into Your embrace of grace
Able to make all things new
By Your large labour of Love.

Yes, Mothering God,
Birth in me a new beginning
As often as it takes
As long as it takes
For this little life to mirror
Your Love ever more clearly
Into the life of this world
You love as Your very own.

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