Mothering Love, a hymn — George Stuart, Australia

In Singing a New Song, volume 3, a book of hymns by George Stuart

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Tune: Hanover


Remember the one who brought us to birth;

So special, unique; a person of worth;

Our love and our thankfulness we wish to show

For she shared her body to cause us to grow.


A mother and child – this mystery extreme

Can generate love, a bond so supreme;

The love and protection, essential yet free,

When given to young ones breeds courage to be.


Young Mary was proud of her baby boy;

But later his life brought sadness not joy;

This mother, bewildered, when grieving her loss

Remained close to Jesus and cried at his cross.


If motherhood calls but then passes by,

Yet motherly love refuses to die,

When this love is given, great blessing is known,

For children are not raised by mothers alone.


5. Such love is so deep; can conquer what’s wrong;

For motherly love is patient and strong;

With God as love’s mother, God’s presence we see

In mothering love and in mothers-to-be.

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