Mystery of matrimony: a daughter marries — Ana Gobledale, UK

The mystery of matrimony

“Who brings this woman to be married?”
We do.
To be married
To be coupled
To be knotted, twisted together
Today tomorrow to death
Joining a heritage of still-married
Great grands through alcoholism and a debilitating stroke
The hospital bed at living room centre
Year after year
Today tomorrow to death
Grands joined at the soul for six decades
Parents still holding hands
Taking dates
Today tomorrow to death
Others broken unfulfilled
But ever hope soars
Today two slide into one
Yet two stand strong
Different Same
New names
Great and grand shes took his
Swirled into the family of him
Closer, the names coupled
Two join making one

Today a new family births

Overlapping with previous identities
Two souls unite in name in love
Joined today tomorrow to death
The mystery of matrimony
Divine Human
A friend to touch
A lover to hold
A comrade to clasp and stride alongside
Today tomorrow to death

Reflecting on my daughter’s recent wedding while gazing at the sunset’s illumination of the interior dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral and listening to the voices of Rohan Williams and poet, Wendy Cope, swirl through the vastness. — Ana Gobledale

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