Namaste, Children’s Global Message — Tod & Ana Gobledale

A children’s message for World Communion Sunday. Greetings from other cultures can be used.
This message connects to the theme that everyone is part of God’s family..

Materials: a world map or globe

Who can find where we live on the globe/map?
What do we do and say in English [substitute local language] to greet people?
[Hi. Hello. Good morning. We wave. We shake hands.]

Who can find Nepal on the globe/map?

In Nepal when people greet one another, they put their hands together like this, and say ‘Namaste.’
Try it…

Does anyone know what the word ‘Namaste’ means?
The word ‘Namaste’ means more than just ‘hello.’ It means ‘The divine or God in me greets the divine or God in you.’ It helps people remember that God’s spirit lives in every person they meet. So when I say it to you, it means I remember that God’s spirit lives in you.

Let’s try it one more time. ‘Namaste.’

Let’s pray.
God, [on this World Communion Sunday], thank you for people from Nepal and other countries who can teach us things. Help us see that your spirit lives in everyone we meet. Amen.

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