New Beginning — William Stephenson, USA

who wanted and willed me into life,
so often I come to you with needs to be met.
Seldom I come with joy for all that has been given.

Re-sensitize me today to
the silent ministries of your quiet gifts,
the rest and renewal of last night,
the freshness and feeling of this morning,
the trust and touch of a friend,
the smile of a child.

In the living of this new day,
let me fight off any self-pity and fear…
with memories of having been loved,
with actions of good-will and caring,
with openness to change and tomorrow,
with the quiet and confidence of faith.

within whom I live,
as I receive, so let me give.

Let me not add to the
hopelessness of anyone today,
but let me live out this day
as a touch of grace
and be glad.

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