New verses for ‘How Great Thou Art’ — Ana Gobledale, Zambia

Creator God, your love abounds forever;
Creation’s beauty fills the earth and sky.
Your shimmering stars, your circling planets,
Amazing power, creation does display.

Chorus: Creator God, we lift our song to you,
How great your love, how great your love.

When through the veld
and grassy plains we wander,
we hear the birds, and rustling of the leaves;
When we absorb the sunrays shining brightly,
And feel the shade beneath the spreading trees,


And when we think,
how love and peace surround us,
Eternal One, we scarce can take it in,
Your joy repla-ces our desolation;
Our hearts are filled, for Love has entered in.


Featured image: St Matthew’s Choir singing at St Paul’s United Church of Zambia