New Year, a hymn — George Stuart, Australia

Tune: Bishopgarth

For the lyrics, music and a power point click here.

The New Year brings another time
To practise some reflection,
To contemplate priorities;
What past ways need rejection;
The call of Jesus comes again
To strengthen our connection
To his inspiring way of life,
And maybe change direction.

The past is gone; cannot be changed;
The future is elusive;
We are tied to what we have been,
But we are not its captive;
The New Year points to hope we have
In love that is supportive;
In Jesus’ message we have learnt
This love is all-inclusive.

And so we forge ahead today
To meet God in the future;
Ignite in us the flame of love
To energize each venture;
And as we go God is within
To comfort and to nurture;
We follow Jesus, as he points
To life in all its wonder

Lyrics may be used freely, as George Stuart has graciously granted access to all his hymns without copyright infringement. Explore his website for progressive and thoughtful lyrics relevant to a variety of rituals all set to familiar tunes.  Three additional volumes provide hymns written for the lectionary texts of Church Years A, B and C.  Lyrics and piano music are easily downloaded as pdfs.

This New Year hymn can be found in the collection, Singing a New Song, Volume 4.

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