Now Comes the Brighter Day — Bob Hill, Missouri, USA

For Christmas Day or Epiphany

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Now Comes the Brighter Day. – Bob Hill 


Now comes the brighter day

so wanted, needed now,

reminding all that dark is stalled

when love comes home to stay.


Now comes the brighter ray,

a beam for all to show,

a flame of fame, no one to shame,

for each to know the way.


Now  comes a higher tree

to climb into the sky,

for strong and frail, for sick and hale,

to know, to hold, to see.


Now comes the higher life,

a gentle child in tow,

to blunt the vile, to stay the cruel,

to rule o’er every strife.


Now comes a gloria,

an angel’s singing vow,

a sure release, a surfeit peace,

for one and all in awe.


Now comes another path,

a simple route to go,

some grasp, some don’t, some can’t, some won’t,

as magi rest and pass.


Now come the better beasts,

their time come ‘round to bow,

to help, to heal, to love, to kneel,

a holy tribe to feast.


Now come the better lights,

as signalled in the glowing,

a million times a million times,

each stronger than the night.

Photo:  Morning light at Lindisfarne Abbey, Holy Island, United Kingdom — by Ana Gobledale