Luke 6.31, Olympics — Ana Gobledale, UK

What starts this week? — the Olympics

Many people are gathering from all around the world to compete in sports. And they all will try their best to win a medal.

What colour medals can they win?    Gold, silver and bronze

Which colour means that athlete has performed the best in their sport?   Gold

In Christianity we have something called the Golden Rule.

Do you know what the Gold Rule is?  It’s in the Bible, in Luke’s Gospel.     Luke 6:31

The Golden Rule is:  ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’

Which means: ‘Treat others as you would have them treat you.’

Do you like it when someone is mean to you? Or is angry with you? Or tries to hurt you?    No.

The Golden Rule means ‘Don’t be mean’, ‘Don’t be angry’ and ‘Don’t hurt others.’

I hope all the Olympic athletes are good sports, and remember the Golden Rule — to treat others with respect and kindness, those who win medals and everyone else who has the chance to compete.

I hope each of you, also,  will try to live by the Golden Rule, too, and treat others with kindness and respect.

Join me in prayer.

God help us follow the Golden Rule and be good sports, treating others with kindness and respect. Amen.

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