On this day — Vicky Tonkin, UK

img_6975On this day, in this place, we thank you for the lives that we have and the many paths you guide us on.  We thank you for all the memories and people that comfort us, challenge us and support us along our way.  And we hope that we can support, challenge and comfort others on their journeys.

When we look around our congregation, our families and our friends, help us to see how blessed we are.  Help us be thankful for not only the good and happy times that help mould us, your creation, but also the hard, challenging and tough times, that without which we would not truly be able to understand your love in shaping us to be the best version of ourselves.

For all the many footprints in the sand that intertwine, cross each other and walk beside one another, we thank you.  For all the experiences and people we meet on our journeys and for your support in our choices, we thank you.

Thank you for making us us.  Amen.

Photo by Hugh Abel