Ordination words

Induction Prayer — Ana & Tod Gobledale, UK

God, companion and guide, thank you for the gift of faith. Thank you for accompanying us all as we embark upon this new leg of the journey with you and with the companions you send our way along the road. Help us look forward with joy and anticipation, knowing that the past rests securely and […]

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Presence, hymn — Sam Goodman

Presence My presence makes a difference I am not just here for show Nor just to make up the numbers I am here to help us grow My involvement has a purpose I intend to play my part I’m not here to be the periphery My place is at the heart My words can make […]

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Stretched, a prayer — David Long-Higgins, USA

O Love, Stretch me just enough To ready me for You And the calling You offer Already supported by You On Your great trellis of love. By your stretching grace Help me live expectantly Trusting You will reveal The holding and releasing Necessary to answer Your call often overlooked As daily or ordinary. Grant me […]

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Come now, ordination hymn — Nathan Nettleton, Australia

Come now, O Creator Spirit, come, our hearts and souls inspire Raise up your church, baptised in water and with fire. So each may take their place, Sharing your love and grace, Sent forth, guided ever by the cross, to serve as you desire. 2.Come now, in the laying on of hands, your servants to […]

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Seminary Student Commissioning Service — Barb Wilkins-Crowder, USA

This service was written originally for a service at Cairn Christian Church, Lafayette, Colorado USA. It is to be used within a longer service of worship. Ready-to-print leader’s sheets including full text of service: PDF Seminary student commissioning service WORD Seminary student Commissioning service Order of Service (Through out the service [Name] refers to the name of […]

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Love alone, hymn — Stephen Best, Wales UK

Tune: Blaenwern 1 Corinthians 13 Any words which I may utter, Without love to reach their goal, Are no more than clashing cymbals, Empty gongs without a soul. Though I conjure future visions, Understand life’s wherewithal, And have faith which moves the mountains, Without love I am not whole. Acts of charitable giving And the […]

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We find ourselves between two worlds (hymn) — Stephen Best, UK

Tune: Gonfalon Royal Originally written for Stephen’s ordination service. We find ourselves between two worlds, In one we live, for one we hope To risk their fusion is our call, Achieved through love, which welcomes all. Achieved through love, which welcomes all, Which bends and breaks and mends again, The source of all; and yet […]

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Reflections on ordination

How does faith move from one generation to the next?

How does God’s call reach into the heart?

Does it pass from one heart to another?

Does it blow, like the wind, from a mother’s or father’s very breath?

Does it come from a new place, from a separate place,

or does it pass through a shared point, a common link, through a single interlacing or web?

From whatever starting point, or source,

God’s call pulls one up into a new place,

a vulnerable yet exhilarating place–

open, receptive, truly oneself.

What an honour to share this powerful and gentle calling

with father, with daughter, with husband,

with God.

Written on my daughter’s ordination into Christian ministry celebrating the call to ordination accepted by myself, my father, two brothers, husband, and sister-in-law

Ana Gobledale, United Kingdom