Palm Sunday Donkey Pinata, children’s message

photo by Ben Ulrich

Holy Week in a donkey!

Preparation:  Fill a pinata with the items listed below and number them in order.

Method of presentation:  Tell the story of Holy Week as you pull the items out of the pinata, in numerical order.

Story items:

  1. the donkey pinata — reminding us of the donkey the disciples brought for Jesus to ride into Jerusalem
  2. a piece of a palm branch – reminding us of Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem.
  3. a savoury biscuit (cracker) – reminding us of the bread shared on Maundy Thursday’s last supper
  4. a small coin wrapped in silver aluminium (foil) — reminding us of Judas’ betrayal of Jesus for 30 pieces of silver
  5. a nail — reminding us of Good Friday and the crucifixion
  6. a container of an odorous spice (cloves, sage)  — reminding us of the spices used to prepare Jesus’ body for burial
  7. a smooth, flat stone — reminding us of the tombstone that was rolled away
  8. a butterfly — reminding us of resurrection, transformation and new life
  9. a wrapped hollow chocolate Easter egg — reminding us of the empty tomb  (Break it open to reveal nothing inside.)  Share with the children.

Adapted from an idea in the Firelight curriculum through Augsburg Fortress called ‘Holy Week in an Eggshell.

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