Pastoral Prayer, Matthew 11 — Ana Gobledale, UK

‘Shadows of the Wanderer’ by Ana Maria Pacheco, UK

Matthew 11:16-30

5th Sunday of Pentecost, Year A

Almighty, creator God, we have gathered to praise you, giving thanks that you have given us life and breath, that you do daily attend us with goodness and mercy.*

May this time together in worship strengthen us that we might transcend our current state of social isolation and feel the nearness of our community of faith, our sisters and brothers with whom we share this current moment.

Truth be told, some of us are feeling weary and burdened.

We want this virus to burn itself out, to release us from its grip.

We want to sing together, to walk together, to chat together.

Grant us faith to know you are with us during these trying times, a gentle and accessible presence in the midst of the chaos and uncertainty.

May this hour open our hearts and minds to your powerful presence that we might find rest for our souls, and an easy path set before us, following in the footsteps of Jesus.

One could continue into the Jesus Prayer:

whose prayer we have learned and, in faith, recite together saying…

*reference is to hymn, ‘Praise to the [Lord], the Almighty…, by Joachim Neader (1650-80)

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