Pentecost Hymn — George Stuart, Australia



The Second Coming of Christ

Tune:   Church Triumphant 



Our Lord, our teacher, healer, friend,

The One whose love shall never end,

Back years ago he lived his life

When times were harsh, in days of strife.


We look for signs of his return,

But like before, we’re slow to learn.

We need not look for special sign,

Nor listen for a word divine.


No need for world catastrophe,

Apocalypse, calamity;

If God is love, and love is near,

Then God in Christ will reappear.


For in our day we see our Lord

In justice done, in love outpoured;

God’s presence is, for those who see,

As real as when in Galilee.


We know our God is present here

When trust and hope replace our fear.

Christ’s ‘second coming’ – it occurs

Whenever love within us stirs.

This hymn can be found in the first of George’s seven volumes of hymns: No. 49 in Volume 1.  To access all his hymns click here.

About Pentecost George writes:

In my theology I have replaced the ‘Coming’ of the Spirit with the concept of ‘God within’. In my theology, I am panentheistic and so the whole idea of ‘coming’ is something that doesn’t fit! If God is here, there and everywhere, at all places at all times without exception –- a God saturated universe and humanity, then for me God does not and cannot ‘come’. The whole concept of ‘coming’ presupposes for me a separated-ness that doesn’t exist.

George Stuart, Australia