Plough (Plow) Sunday – blessing the land

Plough Sunday is held annually the Sunday before ploughing commences.

In English tradition, taking into account the warmer clime and Northern Hemisphere location, Plough (Plow) Sunday is held on the Sunday after Epiphany, the Sunday between 7-13 January. Farmers arrive in farm carts and tractors, carrying a ploughshare (a section of the plough’s blade) which is be brought into the church.

The service includes prayers for a blessing of the land.

This service might easily incorporate worship resources from a Blessing of the Gardens and Gardeners service.

An order of service from a Plough Sunday service held in the Diocese of Bath and Wells of the Church of England provides a helpful overview of what such a service might include.  The language is male-oriented, so I am hesitant to include it, but the sense and aim of the service is apparent and with thoughtful attention the resources might be altered to include all farmers and all those who plough the land regardless of gender.  (If you do create an inclusive service, please share your creation with others through Worship Words.  Thanks.)  Click here to view the service sheet.