Poem for Transgender Day of Visibility — Zach Ford, UK

Mirrors are liars.
They do not show us ourselves,
We are invisible, and this is pain,
To be forced to go unseen.
To hide, hide, hide,
For safety or for someone else’s sake,
And not show face,
Until we know what face you want to see.
But there is One who watched us grow,
Since sperm met egg in primal ecstasy.
Did you not know this?
That there is One who loves beyond all love,
Sees and knows your life from end to end,
And deems it good?
And yes, rebirth means death is,
In there somewhere,
But whoever said that was a problem for them?
And yes, there are those whose gaze is razored,
Who persist in attempting to cloud,
What should be so, so clear.
There is One who sees us as we are,
And glories in it,
And points us out to angels with a grin.

“See that one? I made that one. They’re amazing!”
I hope today you hear that voice,
And the laughter of absolute delight,
That rings round Heaven,
At the knowledge you exist,
Just as you are.