Praise & Elation, hymn — George Stuart, Australia

With praise and elation
Tune: To God be the glory 

For the lyrics, music and a power point, click here.

With praise and elation we greet the Divine
In beauty of love that we just can’t define;
The mystery is wondrous; it captures our soul;
It gives our life purpose; it makes us feel whole.

Praise and sing; praise and sing
Of compassion and care;
Praise and sing; praise and sing;
Let us be well-aware
When love is encountered by you and by me
Our souls can take flight, and our spirits are free.

Compassion inspires us to act in like ways;
When we are forgiven our guilt then decays;
We know that with love we can rise to great heights;
With love as the spark much more good-will ignites.


The Sacred within us, as Jesus has shown,
Lights up the desire to let love be known;
His love points the way to have true liberty,
To real inner peace, singing God’s melody.


George Stuart has written hundreds of singable inclusive language hymns, new lyrics for familiar tunes. Explore his website here.

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