Praise God in Colour! — Tod Gobledale, UK

Photo by Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson

Children’s Conversation and Prayer
Mark 10:46-52

23rd Sunday after Pentecost, Year B


  • Cards or another item in bright colours — could be felt marker or balloons, etc.

Hold up cards of different colours, one at a time.
Ask: What can you name that is… [the colour of the card being held up] orange/red/purple/etc?
Repeat for each colour:  Thank you God for the colour orange/red/purple/etc and everything that is orange/red/purple/etc.

God created our eyes to see. We praise God for all the colours we can see.
Close your eyes.
Some people cannot see colour.
But they can hear! And we can praise God for every sound, too!

Thank you God for our eyes and ears and for the colours that you have used to paint our glorious world and all creation.