Who is like you?, Praise & Thanksgiving — Lawrence Moore, UK

Who is like you, Passionate God?
You heard the groans of the slaves
in the brick pits of Pharaoh,
liberated them,
and made them your people.
You will not allow our systems of death and greed
to have the last word.
The slavery of sex-trafficking will not stand against you.
Poverty and starvation will be overwhelmed by plenty.
Injustice and oppression will be overthrown.
Greed will be swallowed up in generosity;
hatred will be eclipsed by love;
war will be engulfed by peace and justice.
This world belongs to you
and you will it to be a place of Life in all its fullness.
This is your realm, Sovereign One –
where the nameless are known,
the mourners are comforted,
the hungry are fed,
where the very least
are honoured guests at the Feast of Life.
You have chosen to live with us,
God of Life.
You involve yourself in the mess and muckiness of our everyday
until it displays the new-washed brightness
of your Tomorrow.


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