Prayer and Action for Peace — Ana Gobledale, UK








Your promise

Our hope


Peace in our communities…

Unite us to raise our voices against violence in our homes

in our churches

in our schools

in our work places


Peace on our earth…

Unite us to take a stand, to act

to become eco-churches

to go green in our homes and communities

to demand powers support agreements and protocols

to protect our lands and rivers from harm


Peace in the marketplace…

Unite us to make a difference

to promote sustainable production and consumption

to support ecological security over national security

to put our money to work for justice through fair trade and fair taxes


Peace among people…

Unite us to be peace makers

building peace among people

promoting human rights

churning arms into ploughshares

Peace perfect peace

Show us how to walk the peace path


Your hope

Our promise.


Inspired by the article “Planning for Peace,” printed in the Council for World Mission magazine, “Inside Out.”