Prayer for empathy, vulnerability and curiosity — Australia

‘Gaze at a thousand years of stars’, Helen Clancy, Australia

Our God

We pray for Empathy – seeking to understand:

ideas, people, situations, ourselves, our faith, our hopes,

seeking, exploring the why of life, the why of who we are.


because we know that only by seeking, do we go beyond ourselves, to where answers reside, answers that we had never considered.

And we are enriched, by becoming more whole.


We pray that we would be Vulnerable – open to being influenced

to new ideas, new possibilities.

Lives enriched with new experiences, horizons, things we thought not possible. Surprise us, our God

We know change causes us to be vulnerable;

as we become less capable of adapting, changes seem greater

as our limits become more apparent, our abilities seem in decline

simple things, small changes take on greater magnitude.

Keep ideas, possibilities, dreams, hopes, growing in and around us.

So that change is not an inhibitor, but stimulation into new life.

Cause our attitude to change to be invitational, not to create whirlwind in our lives, but measured growth

Keep us Curious about life, exploring and discovering, growing into understanding, more of the mystery of life as we walk with you author of life, and our guide.

As we seek these things for ourselves, we pray that they become realities for those around us.

Use us as channels of understanding, influence, curiosity, to help others grow. We take our part in your creation more fully when we offer ourselves to others and to you. Use us, we pray.

Place people in our path that will cause us to grow and whom we can help grow. The things we desire, we pray for those whom we find difficult to love, as well as those close to us.

Lord, lead us into wholeness, whatever that may be,

in Jesus name.

The writer, from Hartwell Church of Christ, Melbourne, Australia, references “The Congruent Life: Following the Inward Path to Fulfilling Work and Inspired Leadership” by  C. Michael Thompson, (pages 180ff) as the inspiration behind this prayer.


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