Prayer for Every Day of Labour – David Long-Higgins, USA

O Love,
Let every work
Be a work of Love,
Your Spirit building
And giving birth
To precious possibilities
Healing the world’s hurts.

Let Life rise in self-giving
Born not of coercion
But freely offered
Answering your deep call
To discover a life truly alive.

Let no act or word
Be beyond or beneath
Your sacramental search
Forming every ordinary labour
Into a sign holy and healing

By this let beauty and joy
Blossom bit by bit
Into a world overrun
With weariness and worry.

Instead let wonder
Open the door of discovery
Awaiting today’s effort
Forming every challenge
Into a threshold of holiness
Otherwise seen as obstacle.

O Love,
Let labour and rest
Find their delicate dance
Neither always leading
But trading places in trust
Each discovering the need
Of the other’s gift and grace.

By this, O Love,
Form the world anew
Rekindling a passion
For your larger work
Of Love’s unfolding
Refining everything raw
Into a new creation
Worthy of awe.

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