Prayer for Oneness — Sonia Ross, USA

Dear God of all, grant us understanding of our brothers and sisters worldwide.

Plant in us the seed of oneness.

Nourish us with your love and grace so that we may live God-like in our interactions with those who are different from us.

Grant us the ability to recognize the spirit and sameness that unites us all in your love.


Sonia Ross wrote this prayer when she traveled to Turkey in a women’s delegation sponsored by the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in 2011.  It was published in the denominational magazine, Just Women (Fall 2011).

Sonia writes in explanation:

“During our journey to Turkey I witnessed many marvelous things.  I experienced worship services with Jews, Muslims, Christians, and Armenians, and I sang songs in a language I could read and pronounce but could not understand.  But even with all of the diviersity, I felt a sense of oneness. Even with the absence of word comprehension, I was moved by the devotion and joy people exuded.  I felt God’s presence.

“I came to the conclusion tht even though we take different paths to our God, even though we call God by different names in different languages, there is still only one God.  Many of us have chosen Christ as our savior and guide to lead us in the ways that are God-like.  Jesus’ main goal was to bring us to God and to give us an understanding of God’s love and grace.  The Hebrews sought God through different avenues, as do the Muslims.  But isn’t it all for the same destination — God, the creator of all things?…We realize our ‘sameness’ and rejoice in our journeys.  It is my humble prayer that we, as people of God, will continue to grow in understanding of our oneness as we travel on our personal journeys of faith.”

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