Prayer for Openness — Joyce Rupp

Remember the Holy One is with you.
Bring to mind this loving presence within you and around you as you pray the following:

Open my mind to remember
your presence.
Open my mouth to speak
your wisdom.
Open my heart to extend
your love.
Open my hands to serve
you generously.
Open my whole being
to you.

Take a deep bow to the loving presence in you.

I first encountered this prayer when I received it from a friend who is a Spiritual Director in Melbourne, Australia. She enclosed this message, “Sending with gratitude to a loving God who opened a door in my life and let you in!”  I have kept her handwritten copy all these years, for the feeling is mutual.

Consider when God has opened a door in your life to let someone special in.

The illustrated pdf is posted on the International Spiritual Directors website for your personal use.

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