Prayer for peace & illumination — Ana & Tod Gobledale, UK

Watched Word by John Potter, UK

Dearest Friend, gentle spirit, breath of live, source of our being, from the peacefulness of silence, the silence that preceded Creation, your speaking entered the void and light burst forth. Our hearts are filled with gratitude that your speaking extends to us today, that your light illuminates our world and our lives.

Even as we boldly approach you with our prayers for peace, we are mindful of our shortcomings. And so…first things first. You are slow to anger and quick to speak forgiveness, but let us not take advantage of your gracefulness and mercy, rather let us freely reveal and speak our wrongs.

Dearest Friend, grant us humility and honesty in this moment as we collect our thoughts, name our wrongs, and admit how we have hurt others and your creation.  We have failed to do those things which you would have us do, and we have done things that you would have us not do.

Loving Spirit, we lift up to your light our broken relationships with family, friends, acquaintances and even strangers. We admit we harbour a hard heart broken by blame and inappropriate guilt. Soften our hearts that we might become your instruments of reconciliation and healing, that peace might be restored.

With that done, we pray for peace in our world, peace amongst nations that seem to thrive on warring madness. We pray for peace in conflicted countries around the world. We pray for…. [name places of current conflict]. Bear with us, as we wrap our minds around your constant, steadfast love which surrounds us, which surrounds nations, which surrounds all creation, no matter what conflicts arise. Strengthen our resolve to place our trust in your speaking. Create in us a passion to work for health, wealth and justice for all your people.

Dearest Friend, gentle spirit, breath of live, source of our being, we also pray for peace in ourselves. Peace in the face of the challenges of youth. Serenity in the face of aging and illness. Calm in the face of tragedy and bad news. Illuminate our hearts with your speaking and grant us peace.

Inspired by a prayer previously written, by Ana & Tod, for the Order of St Luke’s  healing service in Melbourne, Australia.

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