Prayer for perseverance, Proper 13A, Genesis 32 — Ana Gobledale

Inspired by Genesis 32: 22-32

God, thank you for your love which perseveres,
touching our lives,
not just in an hour of worship but every day.
Your persistent love attends the world,
day in and day out, year in and year out.
Grant us perseverance, like Jacob,
to stand steadfast in our convictions,
to hold on and wrestle with the truths we face.
Grant us wisdom to know the difference
between stubbornness and perseverance.
Help us see when it is time to stand firm
and when it is time to humbly move on,
to make amends, and to be reconciled.
Grant us the strength and will to persistently respond
to the needs of our world
through a kind word, a helping hand, a demand for justice,
a healing touch, a Gospel witness.
Grant us perseverance and peace in all we do.
This we pray through your Spirit of Truth.

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