Prayer for quiet, laughter & connection — Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson, USA

Gracious God,
Today we pray for a moment
of quiet
to catch our breath;
to give thanks to you;
to listen to the insects and the birds,
to the cars and airplanes;
to watch the breeze move gently in the leaves
and the squirrels collect food for their winter store.
Grant us quiet.

Today we pray for a moment of laughter
to delight in pets, family, friends,
to marvel at our gardens and all the life they hold,
to laugh at a funny meme or silly social media post
to recall that you have created us for joy and wonder and delight.
Be it a little giggle or raucous and loud, today, O God,
Grant us laughter.

Today we pray for a moment of connection:
unexpected or planned,
with a stranger or someone we know intimately,
or perhaps with you and your creation.
Remind us that we are always part of something bigger
So much bigger than us.
Grant us connection.

Today we pray for a moment to know that we are loved
without measure or condition
just as we are
flawed and beautiful
wounded and whole
just as we are
Surround us with your love, O God.