Prayer for Refugees in Danger – Rebecca Littlejohn, USA

God of the sun and the moon,

God of the wind and the rain,

God of the sea and the sky,

For many of us, the season is changing;

Summer is coming, and our hearts are light.

We look forward to time to relax, sunshine to bask in,

longer days with more time for ourselves.

And yet, we cannot escape the knowledge that for many,

summer means something else entirely.

Already the death toll is rising.

So many lost at sea.

The hope of summer that brought expectations

of safe passage to a new and better life,

dashed and drowned as boats go down.

Give us pause, O God, that we might

remember those who risk everything

for the sake of a better life.

Move us to remember, and remembering, act,

advocate, give, welcome.

Comfort those who mourn and protect those who travel.

Open the arms of those who will receive.

Change the hearts of those who would exploit.

Forgive us all when we do not adequately provide for the welfare of your peoples.

In the name of Jesus, who had no place to lay his head.

Rebecca Littlejohn is a Minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) USA.  This prayer was originally posted on #PeacePrayers, a website hosted by the Disciples Peace Fellowship.

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