Prayer for Refugees — Marla Feldman, USA

20 June is World Refugee Day.

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As we recount the centuries of human history,
We pray that one day bondage will lead to freedom;
We pray that indifference will give way to mercy;
We pray that hatred will turn to compassion, and fear turn to hope.

We pray that one day, nations will defy history and proclaim in one voice:
Never again will terror-stricken exiles face angry waters alone;
Never again will vulnerable victims be locked behind barbed wire;
Never again will desperate refugees be turned away at the borders of freedom.

And we vow…
Until that day arrives, we will be the miracle that parts the angry seas for today’s refugees.
We will take it upon ourselves to lead the mixed multitude to dry land, and we will bring
them to a place of redemption.

Rabbi Marla J. Feldman is Executive Director, Women of Reform Judaism

This is a resource from the Religious Action Centre of Reform Judaism.

Photo taken in Melbourne, Australia, by Ana Gobledale

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